SEDA - Smart Efficient Damage Alarm

SEDA is designed to solve a global problem of soldiers’ medical condition monitoring in the real time on the battlefield during the combat with the goal to save lives and minimize human losses. The system meets Future Soldier conception requirements and may be integrated with existent projects.

Three innovative technologies are jointly used in SEDA system: Hi-Tech uniform with integrated sets of sensors, undetectable and non-eliminated communication system between units, artificial intelligence principles of uniform self-learning. All technologies are based on scientific background and proved by numerous researches.

SEDA project is to develop software and hardware and deploy serial production to produce the innovative Future Soldier uniform and equipment to monitor the soldier’s medical condition in the combat in real time and remotely transfer the data with the goal to save his life in case of injury.

There are approximately 50 Future Soldier programs in the world at the time available, nevertheless, concentrating on the attack and defense features the medical functionality of these projects has not yet reached the necessary level.

SEDA is an equipment that extremely increases the medical features by collecting medical and environmental data and making mathematical analysis to provide information about the injury, environment and location.


Дизайн новых элитных моделей велосипедов для ТМ "Leon"

Дизайн новых элитных моделей велосипедов для ТМ "Leon"

Ре-Дизайн Маркет-кита для компании "Оборудование-профессионалам"

Ре-Дизайн Маркет-кита для компании "Оборудование-профессионалам". Был Реализован довольно специфический способ решение задач - разработан электронный макет в PowerPoint на основе которого выполнена печать.

Просмотр - Электронной версии маркет-кита.

Дизайн и вёрстка каталога для компании "Оборудование-профессионалам"

Дизайн обложек для медицинских справочников "DEPHARM"

Дизайн обложек для медицинских справочников "DEPHARM".

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