Дизайн социального плаката по поводу наводнения - "Флоренция 50".


Alluvione di Firenze 50 ANNI

Project description


The main task of this poster is remind for residents of Florence and tourists of the city about the tragic event of 50 years ago. By reason broad coverage of the target audience and for aesthetic appeal has been selected illustrative presentation of the material. The composition, color and light chosen in such a way that the audience immediately understood what event has happened, it place and time.


Figures of composition were selected according to the cultural and historical context. They carry with them an educational function and symbolic memory of a lost heritage. Also, the poster contains the author’s philosophical and ideological interpretation of the causes of the tragedy.


Until now, not all consequences of the tragedy were eliminated. Therefore, for lure more public attention to this problem, additionally was developed idea of souvenir - shell “ALLUVIONE DI FIRENZE 50 ANNI”, as a continuation the main target of the poster.


All artworks of poster were designed by the author and they are all unique.


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