Print-2011 Conference, St. Petersburg

A new method of creating a Book publication "FlowBook"

Book production technologies have been constantly improving and changing, especially in our time. Today, digital printing methods and new electronic types of publications are becoming widespread. Rapidly evolving digital book design technologies. New programs are appearing, with new features and capabilities for creating different book layouts. The creation of new types of books is becoming relevant. First of all, because the consumer market needs to meet the needs of each individual. And this is a very difficult matter.

The aim of the work is to develop a methodology for creating a new consumer interactive information product that could meet the needs of more people, and would occupy its niche among other types of books. The relevance of this development is due to the need for new modern technologies focused on the participation of potential customers in the creation of literary works. The solution to this problem will allow you to develop a new product and provide new prospects in the business field of "printing".

As part of the study, an analysis of information technology of literary art. During the analysis of the theoretical material, a unique prototype "FlowBook" was practically developed. According to the results of the study, the future main tasks and goals for the introduction of the product on the world market are determined.

FlowStory - a new type of creation of a work of art, the continuation of which will be determined by a survey of consumers, viewers, readers, etc.

FlowBook is a new method of creating a book edition, in which the continuation of the work is determined by the majority of votes received from readers. When buying a book, the consumer first receives a part of the work, and the other - only after the vote. Interactivity allows the reader to influence the end of the work.

Thus, a new type of book edition "FlowBook" performs competitive main functions: stimulates the consumer to interact with the product; meets the needs of more people; enables marketers to analyze consumer needs in more detail.

Conclusions: this new method of creating a book edition "FlowBook" fully meets the requirements and provides high quality creation of the final product. This statement was put into practice in the form of a demonstration of the developed prototype "FlowBook", in which an attempt was made to show as much as possible the main advantages of the book trade market.


Youth and printing, Lviv, 2011


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