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The corporate identity is one of the main advertising and marketing tools of any modern company. It allows you to distinguish you and your company from the competition. Being recognizable in the service market is a key factor for a successful business, and for this it is necessary to preserve the individual characteristics inherent only to your company.

A good corporate identity indirectly confirms the reliability of the company, as if it guarantees that the company observes exemplary order in everything, both in production and in any other activity.

A well-designed and created corporate identity subconsciously evokes a sense of trust in consumers, and on the contrary, the lack of a clearly expressed uniform corporate identity significantly reduces brand awareness and loyalty.

It is desirable that any outgoing communicative appeal is made in accordance with the created corporate identity. Otherwise, the integrity of the perception of the company (product) is violated and the cost of advertising events increases many times over. Even if a company has a developed logo, but visual materials are created without taking into account a single developed corporate identity, this greatly complicates the formation of a positive image in the minds of consumers.


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