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3D animation is an opportunity to create your own unique world.
3D animation is a fun creative process, but it is possible with the participation of professionals.


Briefly what the development of a 3d video consists of:

  • proposal of a creative idea,
  • script writing and storyboards,
  • creation of 3D models and their detailing,
  • animation of individual parts of the scene,
  • reduction of all blanks into a single colorful roller


3D animation pushes the boundaries of advertising.
Improve the quality of your multimedia products!



What happens before the animation is created:


Before creating the animation itself, I create a 3d model of everything that will be in the picture. Items that will move, as well as immovable.

After that, the trajectory of movement of objects (for example: people, cars, water, etc.) and their elements (for example: movements of arms, legs, wheels, foliage in the wind, etc.) is set. Next, the trajectory of the camera is set, that is, those angles in which everything will be displayed. For each angle, I send you a preliminary location of all objects. At this stage, you will be able to view and, if necessary, make edits to the animation.

Effect animations are pre-created. For example, spray, explosion, smoke. Then all this is collected into one file and we show you how it looks without movement. To approve animation angles.

When the angles are approved, I offer you several renderings of the key animation scenes so that you can see the quality of the future animation clip. After making all the adjustments, the animation is rendered. Usually, the animation is rendered at its small size (pre-animation), and then the size is increased to real.

Thus, you control the entire process of work and get only the expected result.

Animations are recorded in MOV, MPEG-4, avi, etc.


How much does it cost to develop 3d animation?


The price of creating 3d animation is always unique.



The cost is influenced by:


  • the number of 3d models that are present in the animation and the degree of their detail;
  • animation time;
  • the size of the rendered animation frame;
  • the complexity of animation of models (For example, animation of a character may include animation of his face, movements of his hands, creation of a unique character. Or maybe the simplest animation. For example, animation of a rotation of an object.);
  • the presence of special effects in the scene.

The procedure for creating animation:


Therefore, I divide the work procedure into 2 stages:

  • script development
  • creating animation.

Scenario development includes:

  1. Development of a creative idea for animation (what will be the uniqueness, feature of this video).

  2. Create a preliminary storyboard. Storyboarding is carried out by preparing preliminary graphic sketches.

  3. Drawing up a technical assignment. Description of animation, its time, effects, etc. After all, no high-quality work is created without creating a high-quality technical task.

  4. At the final stage, I give an estimate of the cost and timing of the next stage. And we conclude an agreement.

3D animation makes money!

Animation is a must when preparing investor presentations. Therefore, I declare with confidence: "High-quality 3D animation is a guarantee of future investments."



When is 3d animation still needed:

  • when the target audience of the product is children;
  • when it is more economical to create a 3D clip than to rent a studio and keep a film crew;
  • it is impossible to convey the meaning of the advertising message using traditional video;
  • when it is necessary to show the technical nuances, structure and appearance of an object that does not exist in reality;

3D animation is applied:

  • in architectural visualization: for modeling interiors and exteriors;>
  • in the formation of corporate identity: to create voluminous logos;
  • in outdoor advertising, when creating signboards, shop windows, building facades;
  • in 3d games to create impressive special effects;
  • on television and in movies.
  • In advertising, commercials look especially advantageous on LED screens.
  • 3d animation works great on the site. A small 3D animated insert can make any Internet resource more dynamic and attractive to visitors.
  • We also use 3d animation to design and create 3D presentations.
  • Beautiful flash banners are also often no longer complete without 3d animation.

The main advantages of 3D animation:

  • allows you to give a more complete picture of the subject, showing it from all sorts of sides, angles and taking into account the peculiarities of the environment;
  • unlike conventional 3D images, animation is accompanied, as a rule, by vocal and sound sequences, which enhances the effect of presence;
  • if necessary, it makes it possible to simulate photography or video filming of volumetric objects as plausibly as possible;
  • the ability to animate not only objects, but also light sources, cameras, any auxiliary objects.


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