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  • Videos and Presentations

    Shooting is done at camera with a full-frame matrix - Canon 5D Mark II.
    Provides a full range of video services, from script writing to post-production.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design - Art and design activities to create a harmonious and effective visual communication medium. Graphic design makes innovative contributions to the development of socio-economic and cultural spheres, helping to create a visual landscape of modernity.

  • Design of polygraphy

    Design of polygraphy my priority specialization
    I decide to create a design problem printing virtually any level of complexity. Years of work were not in vain - I have done for hundreds of print design projects and created a design studio generalist, specializing in the production of electronic layouts for all types of printing process. In this time I acquired a wealth of experience to create a design printing and preparation of layouts for printing, printing companies, clients from different fields and industries.

    Design of polygraphy includes:

    • Creative design printing any printing products
    • Printing the design for the brand, brand elements
    • Development of logos, emblems, trademarks, trade dress
    • Painting and restoration of the logo based on sketches
    • Professional original layout for offset printing
    • Professional selection of color gamut (RGB, CMYK, Pantone, HTML)
    • Create a design for advertisements and press releases
    • Technical and artistic illustration
  • Layout of publications

    Nesting, for all its apparent simplicity , plays a key role in the process of creating printed products, along with the design of the printing industry . It was developed on the basis of the design layout is done - the process of forming the publication pages by placing and linking text blocks , illustrations , graphics and design elements .

    Nesting executed competently and accurately, is a key element in the design process printing . It turns stylish layout design decisions in real mock-up . It coder implements conceptual designs and designer finds .

    Layout and printing design - one of my specialization. Me the strength to deal with complex , sometimes trivial tasks on imposition of any printed products.

  • 3D Graphics

    Design studio Startfire - has been creating animation 3d animation since 2004. During this time the company has successfully established itself in the market of computer graphics. Professional development of animation - more than just a set of ownership programs; here includes not only the creation of technical 3d and 2d animation , but also the creative side of the process , and, of course , an individual approach to each customer.

    The main directions of 3d animation studios are architectural 3d animation, 3d animation characters. 3d architectural animation allows to visualize long before its creation , which helps not only to predict the result, but also timely revise design.

    3d character animation is used to create commercials . 3d animation of faces of characters allows us to give roller liveliness and character as close to a real person.

    3d animation - this volume picture . Creating 3d animation - it is , in fact, real life simulation in virtual space. Therefore, creating the animation plays an important role in the creation of commercials , presentations and other visual material . 3d animation allows a relatively short time to create a promotional video , while not quite lose the effect of realism and the presence of the viewer at the scene . Professional creation and animation is drawn to bring your three-dimensional image to reality, to convey not only the shadows of the objects , but also the emotions on the faces of 3d characters .

  • Web Design

    Design and layout of sites in the era of mass adoption of internet technology is becoming more and more popular . Quality design and layout of the website sometimes play the most important role in the promotion of products , goods and services companies. Design and layout of the site ( like the kind of work ) was not spared and our design office .

    Design studio "Startfire" always aimed at maximum efficiency for the client when working on any project. High-quality printing products , design and layout which made creative and tasteful , is inextricably linked with the design and layout of the website , as the most significant and relevant advertising to date information tool .

    I am a designer and layout in the complex services carry out work on the design of the site, its graphical content , optimizing graphics , layout client's site , preparing the necessary promotional materials for the Web.

  • Web Templates

    If you do not have money for a unique design of the site, I can offer you to create your website based on templates already made. You'll save money on design, but not the fact that one day the same site design, you will not see from your competitor.

    The cost of selling sites already included:

    • Installing CMS - you are able to update and edit the site through the internet.
    • Domain in any zone (.,. Net,. Ru,.,. Com, etc.), full PHP 5 MySQL hosting for 1 year.
    • Submit your site to search engines (Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc.).
    • Set counter attendance to the site.
    • Placing a site on the internet for you + site copy on CD.
    • The primary content of the site (content provided by the customer).
    • Mailboxes species.
    • Free technical support.
  • Flash

    One of the most popular multimedia services - this flash animation. Without it costing a rare greeting card or infomercial. Reason for the popularity of flash animation lies in the fact that the moving object is much more interesting static and attracts much more attention.

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