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Nesting, for all its apparent simplicity , plays a key role in the process of creating printed products, along with the design of the printing industry . It was developed on the basis of the design layout is done - the process of forming the publication pages by placing and linking text blocks , illustrations , graphics and design elements .

Nesting executed competently and accurately, is a key element in the design process printing . It turns stylish layout design decisions in real mock-up . It coder implements conceptual designs and designer finds .

Layout and printing design - one of my specialization. Me the strength to deal with complex , sometimes trivial tasks on imposition of any printed products.

Layout Catalog

Layout of a catalog is a process that, when creating a catalog, is on the same level as design development. The layout of the catalog is designed to translate design solutions into a real original layout of the catalog.

Layout Books

Book layout is the most important process when creating a book. Often, the process of book layout is much more important than the development of the book design. The layout of the book embodies design and art developments into a real original layout, but when creating a book, the layout of the book can be done without the participation of a designer-developer. The layout of the book, as an important component of the publication's image, must meet the highest requirements.

Layout Magazine

Layout of the magazine is a process, the importance of which is on the same stage as the development of the design of the magazine. At the same time, the layout of the magazine is the main component when creating both the first issue of the magazine and all its subsequent issues. The layout of the magazine is designed to translate design decisions into a real original layout of the magazine.

Layout Booklet

Layout of the booklet, as well as its design, is no less important factor for the successful promotion of products, goods and services. Layout of the booklet as a component of the company's image must meet the highest requirements - a correctly executed layout of the booklet compactly reflects key information about your company, your new products, goods and services.

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