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Design Brochure is the defining factor that gives your company a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition. The design of the brochure as a component of the company's image must meet the highest requirements - the brochure is about your company, products, services and production innovations.

The design of the brochure is always made taking into account the corporate identity of the company. This allows not only to enhance the effect of the company's memorability, but also increases the confidence of potential customers in your products, services and goods.


The flawless design of the brochure can significantly increase the level of your sales, present you favorably at conferences, exhibitions, during advertising campaigns. Rest assured that the cost of brochure design and quality printing will pay off and ultimately bring tangible profits to your company.



Advertising brochure - what is it?


An advertising brochure is a multi-page publication, usually in A4 format (210 x 297 mm). The advertising brochure contains a detailed description of the company's activities, presents in a favorable light various types of goods and services of the company.

Brochure design is always focused on an abundance of illustrative and graphic material. It is important to remember that an advertising brochure works on the company's image much longer than other types of advertising printing.

The design of the brochure is developed on the basis of the following materials: articles, historical references, texts about the company, descriptions and characteristics of goods and services, graphic elements such as logos, photos, slides and illustrations.



Brochure design - where to start?


Before designing a brochure, its content should be carefully thought out and its structure should be clearly defined. For the design of the brochure, you will also need pre-prepared and verified texts, carefully selected photographs and illustrations. A solid handwritten sketch of the overall design concept will serve as a reliable basis for creating a brochure design.

It is important to remember that your marketing brochure is excellently designed and designed for long-term use by your future customers. It is necessary to carefully work out the stylish design of the brochure, relying on the corporate identity of the company, using non-standard, original solutions.

Stylish brochure design



Brochure design - how is it done?


Brochure design, like any publication design, is a creative process that requires the designer to have a full range of knowledge about printing processes, as well as an understanding of the psychology of the target audience.

The brochure design is developed in stages. Conventionally, these stages are divided into the creation of the cover design and the development of the design of the inner stripes. Brochure cover design is a critical step in brochure design. The brochure cover is the face of your company. Stylish cover grabs the attention of your potential clients and partners. The effective design of the brochure cover encourages the client to open the brochure and get to know the company better. The design of the inner stripes and sections of the brochure is designed so that the user can quickly find the information he needs. This quality, which is carried in a hidden form throughout the brochure design, ultimately encourages your potential customers to buy your products and goods.



Brochure design - how long does it take?


The brochure design is created on the basis of many materials, while the volume of the advertising brochure and its content vary greatly in different cases. The scope of work essentially depends on the presence or absence of the client's source texts and illustrations, photographs and design solutions necessary for the design of the brochure, the presence of a corporate identity and logo, as well as the presence of preliminary requirements for the design of the brochure. These components significantly affect the time frame for creating a brochure design.

In practice, the brochure design is developed in a time frame of 1 to 3 weeks.



I propose to develop an original brochure design for customers from various fields and industries. As a result of developing a brochure design, I set the task to present your company as effectively as possible, to make an advertising brochure that your client will not let go of, your advertising brochure that can become a worthy tool in promoting your products, goods and services.


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