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Startfire offers a full cycle of work on the creation of 3d animation, 3d visualization, the production of computer graphics. I make animated products of all difficulty levels and price categories. I create animation videos, 2d and 3d graphics, and make classic animation. Send me the terms of reference for the product you need, after which I will prepare you an estimate and tell you about possible options for the implementation of your ideas.

Creation of special effects

Animated videos have a very long history, but the principle of their creation has changed dramatically when 3d visualization entered the modern media world. The current animation technique differs significantly from its predecessors of the last century.

Puppet animation existed even when the terms "3D animation" and "3D visualization" did not exist in principle. The animation process was as follows: a frame with a cartoon hero was shot, then the character moved a short distance and the next frame was shot. The essence of the work was to film all the positions of the cartoon character. In hand-drawn animation, each frame was drawn by hand.

Modern production uses technologies that make manual drawing seem like a slave endless labor. Any solid production is ready to offer computer animation and special effects creation. The animator simply needs to set two hand positions in the program - lower and upper, and then the program calculates intermediate positions. It is customary to call the key frames, fixing the initial and final position of the body.

Using keyframes, I can animate any of the animation scene parameters. For example, if the ashtray is silver in one keyframe and gold in the other, then the program is able to create a video showing the miraculous transformation of one metal into another. The same 3d animation is applicable for frames with the movement of the metronome. If in the first keyframe the metronome takes one extreme position, and in the last - another, then in the final version of the animation it will move. The length of the video depends on the number of intermediate frames.

Another example: a car is approaching a stop. The movement can occur at a constant speed, with deceleration or acceleration. When creating a similar scene, the position of the auto at key points will be indicated as the same, and the essence of changing the parameter at each point will be different.

If we depict mathematically the dependence of the animation key on time, then each key frame will have a characteristic in the form of two curves that determine the dependence of the parameter on the interval between the current frame and the previous one, and the current frame and the next one. Many graphic editors, in which it is possible to create special effects, allow you to manage this dependence.

The advantages of the keyframes method over classical animation methods are obvious: the creation of a project takes much less time, and all the repetitive work is done by a computer. Therefore, if you are interested in high-quality 3D animation and 3D visualization, please contact me.

Order an animation video in Startfire

If you want to order an animation video, then you need to send a brief with the terms of reference. After analyzing the brief, I will agree with you on the estimate and provide information on how the animation will look like. The production of an animated video is impossible without a detailed technical assignment and a clear statement of goals and objectives.



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