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Packaging design is one of the main components of a successful brand. Today, product packaging is the most important marketing tool and channel for brand communication with consumers (both loyal and potential). Packaging and label design is an effective product promotion tool. Attractive product design stimulates the growth of both spontaneous and deliberate purchases. It is important that every design element is thoughtful, makes a good impression and works effectively in favor of the brand.


Development of packaging design is giving the product an additional competitive advantage - a striking difference. Our designers do an excellent job of developing packaging and label design, as well as creating a unique and memorable product image.

When developing the design of the label and packaging, we take into account the characteristics of the product. It is important to consider everything here. The impression made by the design of the label and packaging on the buyer depends on the chosen color scale, font, material.

When developing a design, we calculate not only the impression that the product will make on the buyer, but also take into account the peculiarities of the production of this packaging.

When developing a design for packaging and labels, it is necessary to remember not only the aesthetic side, but also the protection against counterfeiting. Coming up with a bright, stylish, attractive label design and at the same time creating obstacles to counterfeiting is the main task of the designer.

In modern market conditions, companies are becoming the sales leaders, for which each stage of the sales process - from product development to placing it on the store shelf - is an important strategic step. Label design is a great opportunity to stand out and attract attention, convince and delight customers.

There are three questions that can help you create effective label and package designs:

  1. For which products do you need to design a label, what are its main characteristics?The concept will directly depend on this, because for fragile goods, for example, you need tight packaging, for jewelry - elegant boxes, and so on.

  2. What is the target audience of the product?What price segment?

  3. What distribution channels, under what circumstances do people buy products?


Packaging design - how is it done?

  1. Market analysis: consumers, companies and competitors. At the first stage, we will collect all available information about the company, competitive brands and the preferences of the target audience. Further work will be based on these data.

  2. Creation of a design concept and selection of references. We'll brainstorm an idea behind the packaging design. We will also collect references and draw up a mood board - an illustrative diagram that will guide us in our future work.
  3. Creation of packaging concepts and USP options. Based on the idea and mood board, as well as research data, we will develop 3 options for the design of the front side of the package. For each of them, we will also provide USP.
  4. Packaging turnover design. We will also offer design options for packaging turnover.
  5. Selecting one concept and making edits to it. 5th stage - presentation and selection by the client of one design option (front side, turnover and USP). After that, we will proceed with the finalization of the final version.
  6. Creation of supporting texts and infographics. When the packaging is ready, we formulate supporting texts, invent and apply infographics to it. This can be information about the useful substances that are contained in the product, instructions for use (preparation), composition or interesting facts about the product.
  7. Preparation of the original layout. We create an original layout for transfer to the printing house.

Packaging design - in what time frame?
Depending on the number of options ordered, the development of a label or packaging design will take from 7 to 12 days. But whatever the volume of work, the project will be completed within a predetermined time frame and taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

I offer exclusive packaging and label designs for customers from a variety of industries and industries. As a result of the development of packaging design, I set the task of maximum efficiency for promoting the products, goods and services of the client. Packaging design is calculated individually, due to strong differences in the amount of work, prices can vary significantly.


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