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I make 3d characters for corporate identity, advertising campaigns, banners, animations and other advertising purposes.

Character creation is perhaps the most difficult part of a 3D modeler job.

First, the character must have personality. Each character is created for a specific scenario and, like the hero of any play, is endowed with personal character traits.

Secondly, the highest quality of detail is required. Spectators will forgive a slight discrepancy on the wall of a virtual building, but never on the face (muzzle) of an animated character.

3D characters are efficient and effective. This is especially noticeable when a cartoon character is combined with a traditional video picture. It is the animated character that will always be remembered, and people will only give remarks. This technique is actively used in advertising products for children.


Any object that comes to life on the screen can become a 3D character: he will have a face, at least eyes and a mouth, that is, he will speak, laugh or cry.


A 3D character can be from the realm of fantasy, consist of unreal materials and perform any actions contrary to the laws of earthly nature.


Here's another benefit of a 3D character, not so much artistic as practical. He works when you want it, he does not have a standardized working day, he does not require an increase in salary and leave. After all, he does not get tired or sick. It works, it works, it works.


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