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Poster works well if you are targeting a mass consumer, poster advertising is exceptionally effective in places where your potential customers congregate like no other.

Despite the fact that the production of a poster is somewhat more expensive than the production of a booklet or leaflet, the poster fully justifies itself as an advertising medium, since hundreds of people see it every day.


Creation of poster designs

The design of posters is the result of the work of a whole team of specialists, from psychologists, PR specialists to printers, specialists in post-print processing of products.

On the development of the poster design (poster) I am working as:

  • project manager;
  • typography and font designer, if you need to create a unique lettering;
  • photographer;
  • illustrator;

The procedure for making a poster

  • Clarification of the size of the product
  • Generating ideas
  • Selection of a graphic image:
    • purchase in photo catalogs (approximate price 25-100$),
    • photo making
    • creation of an illustration.
  • Selection of paper (design paper)
  • Development of a graphic solution and provision of 2 initial sketches.
  • Finalization of the layout and preparation for printing in the printing house.


Average production time for a poster: 1-4 days.
By agreement, I can develop a poster in a shorter time.


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