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The design of the flyers is developed based on the corporate identity of the company. This allows you to make the right impression on a potential buyer, create a sense of trust, and increase the memorability of the company and brand. The harmonious and colorful design of the flyers helps to increase sales. The low cost of leaflet design is repaid many times over by the profit received from advertising.

Advertising leaflet - what is it?

Advertising leaflet - a leaflet in A4 format (210 x 297 mm) or less, printed on one or two sides. The flyer contains a description of basic information about products, goods and services, supplemented by illustrative material. Often, an advertising leaflet acts as a kind of herald - the design of the leaflet loudly announces the novelty, catching the reader with a catchy headline. Leaflets are distributed at points of sale or sent to the addresses of prospective buyers.

The design of leaflets is developed on the basis of the following materials: short texts and characteristics of goods and services, graphic elements such as logos, photos, slides and illustrations.

Flyer design - where to start?

Before developing the design of leaflets, the types of advertised products, goods and services must be clearly defined, all texts and characteristics must be carefully prepared and verified, the necessary illustrations and photographs must be selected, and catchy headlines must be drawn up. It is important to remember that the flyer, its design and layout, should be extremely short, but at the same time clearly and easily demonstrate the main advantages of products and services to potential buyers.

Flyer design - how is it done?

The design of leaflets, like the design of any publication, is a creative process. The designer is required to have experience and knowledge about printing processes, as well as the ability to find the correct compositional solution when placing illustrations and text, taking into account the psychology of the target audience.

The design of leaflets at the initial stage of development is formed in the form of a sketch made in pencil, by hand. This sketch defines the general concept of the leaflet design and serves as a kind of plan for the placement of illustrations, texts and headings. When designing leaflets, you need to find effective and non-standard solutions, taking into account the fact that the original design of leaflets attracts the attention of new customers, encourages them to study the advertising offer with interest. A well-thought-out idea and stylishly executed design of leaflets are aimed at positive emotions, helping the buyer to make the right choice and purchase a product or service of the company.

Flyer design - in what time frame?

The design of the leaflets is created on the basis of a small amount of materials, which are often prepared in advance. The design of leaflets can be done quite quickly, usually within 3 to 5 days.


I develop bright and original flyer designs for clients from various fields and industries. As a result of developing the design of leaflets, I set the task of maximum efficiency for promoting your products, goods and services.


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