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Bigboards are large billboards that are placed along busy streets and highways. The big plus of the bigboard is that it is equally well visible to both motorists and pedestrians.

By the type of construction, bigboards can be one-sided, double-sided and three-sided. one-sided is more expedient to install in the direction of traffic, two-sided - in places with a large flow of pedestrians. three-way - near crossroads and branching streets.


Bigboards come in a variety of sizes. the most common sizes are 6x3 m, 10 x 5 m, 9 x 4.5 m, 12 x 6 m, 15 x 5 m.



Recently, it has become more and more relevant to use volumetric design elements and special effects, like steam from a mug, which can attract attention and, through both silent encouragement and telling friends about what they have seen, help create a positive image of the company.


Big-board design development is one of the activities of the Startfire design studio. We specialize in selling design, our task is to make sure that your billboard is noticed and remembered.

Typical billboard design work:

  • Creating an illustration or photograph
  • Creation of an ornament
  • Selection of festive or corporate fonts
  • Layout of text and graphic elements, preparation for printing


I will develop a high-quality billboard design of any level.

The term for the development of a bigboard design is 3 working days (excluding the time for creating an illustration). It takes 10-15 business days to create a complex hand-drawn illustration.


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