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Layout of the booklet, as well as its design, is no less important factor for the successful promotion of products, goods and services. Layout of the booklet as a component of the company's image must meet the highest requirements - a correctly executed layout of the booklet compactly reflects key information about your company, your new products, goods and services.

The layout of the booklet
is carried out mainly on the basis of the developed design and corporate identity of the company. The maximum correspondence to the corporate style during the layout of the booklet allows not only to increase the memorability of the information, but also arouses greater confidence of your potential buyers.

The effective design and stylish layout of the booklet helps to increase the sales of the company's goods and services. The relatively small costs for the design and layout of the booklet pay off in full and ultimately bring you tangible profits.



Advertising brochure - what is it?


Advertising brochure is a publication printed in most cases on one sheet of paper with one or several folds (folds).

Advertising brochure is most often:

  • A4 or A3 format with one fold;
  • A4 or A3 format with two folds (leaflet)
  • A4 multi-page brochure

The advertising brochure contains a brief description of the main information about products, goods and services, supplemented by illustrative material.

Booklet layout is carried out on the basis of the following materials: short texts and characteristics of goods and services, graphic elements such as logos, photos, slides, illustrations, diagrams and drawings.



Booklet layout - where to start?


Layout of the booklet is often carried out in conjunction with the development of its design, while the types of advertised goods and services must be clearly defined, all texts and characteristics must be carefully prepared and verified, the necessary photographs and illustrations must be selected. It is important to remember that an advertising brochure, its design, design and layout should be extremely brief, but at the same time accessible and clearly demonstrate the main advantages of products and services to future customers.



Booklet layout - how is it done?


Booklet layout, like design development, is an element of the creative process, because the layout process technically translates the designer's work into reality. Layout of a booklet requires professionalism from a layout designer, knowledge of printing processes, a sense of harmony and style.

High-quality layout of the booklet requires attention to detail, accuracy and special precision from the layout designer. These qualities in a multi-page layout of a booklet will be required for accurate adherence to the design of the developed page templates and booklet spreads, the so-called master pages. Accurate adherence to the design of the master pages allows you to make the sections of the booklet uniform, show a high level of work on the layout of the booklet, increase its readability and ease of visual perception.

Booklet layout
includes an equally important process - color correction of illustrations, which together must be made in a single quality, a single color scale, and meet the requirements of high-quality offset printing standards.
High-quality layout of the booklet, its internal strips and sections, is carried out in such a way that the user can quickly immerse himself in a fascinating reading, or easily find the information he needs.

At the end of the booklet layout work, the texts are proofread and each of the pages of the booklet is checked to eliminate errors and shortcomings. When the layout of the booklet is completed and its proofreading has been carried out, the files are prepared for offset printing. The layout of the booklet, made in our design bureau, includes all the necessary prepress works, so the customer does not have to pay extra for them at the printing house.



Booklet layout - in what time frame?


Layout of the booklet is carried out on the basis of prepared materials, the number of which is insignificant. Layout of the booklet, which contains 4-6 pages of information, located on one sheet of A4 or A3 format, is performed within a reasonable time frame, usually from 3 to 7 days.

Layout of a brochure in the form of a multi-page A4 advertising brochure takes longer, because its content is different in different cases.Here the scope of work depends on the presence or absence of the source texts and illustrations, photographs and design solutions, the presence of a corporate identity and a logo, necessary for the layout of the booklet.Layout of a brochure in the form of a multi-page advertising brochure can take from 1 to 3 weeks.

I offer high-quality professional booklet layout for clients from various fields and industries. As a result of the layout of the booklet, I set the task of maximum efficiency for the promotion of your products, goods and services. The layout of the booklet in the form of a brochure is calculated individually, due to the strong differences in the amount of work.


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