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A lot of time passes from the moment the idea was created and the drawing was developed. Considering the project, it is difficult to imagine the object in reality. To help the customer understand what he gets at the end of the project, they use 3D visualization.


3D visualization clearly displays what is stated in the drawings or in the design project. In other words, thanks to 3D visualization, you can see what is planned.


Using three-dimensional graphics, we will create for you bright and informative materials for exhibitions and presentations, information and advertising booklets, videos and presentation CDs. A photorealistic image of the object will greatly facilitate the negotiation process, simplify the sale, make your materials more expressive, visual and informative.


3D visualization allows you to synthesize an image of an object from any angle, fit into any interior, supplement and change the object itself or its parts, which in many cases is cheaper, more convenient and better than professional photo and video shooting.


3D visualization of product scope?

3D-modeling and 3D-visualization of goods is most often used in the field of online retail. On the websites of jewelry and perfumery stores, in the section with the company's assortment, there are not photographs, but realistic 3D models, which have been textured and exposed to the correct light. They look more spectacular and allow you to demonstrate the product from all the necessary angles, to see it in the smallest detail.


Also, 3D visualization of the product is needed for advertising purposes. On billboards and citylights in the city, you often see visualization. They are also located on the pages of printed publications: magazines and newspapers, as well as Internet platforms, often use not pictures, but product renders, product visualization.


The third case when product visualization is needed is public presentations of the product to the customer. Visualization looks more effective than sketches and helps out in the case when the physical result of the project is not yet available. This applies to presentations of architectural projects, new inventions, any technical know-how. In this case, 3D renders are most often combined with the presentation of a prototype, which is printed on a 3D printer. This can be an architectural layout of a block or a device case. Two tools work better together than each one separately.



Startfire studio will be able to recreate your ideas, drawings or designs with photorealistic accuracy.


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