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3D Animation (360° renders) of goods are increasingly used for advertising purposes in e-commerce. Startfire offers services for product 3D renders of goods and the creation of 3D animation - videos with 360° rotation.

Order 3D subject animation in your products for posting pictures on websites, in online store catalogs, in groups and communities of social networks, in advertising agencies and companies. Product 3D Animation 360° gives an optimal result for a reasonable price. 

Startfire creates 3D object visualization at 360 ° using various technological solutions. 

Stunning 360 ° product animation

Let your beautiful products sell on their own with our 360 ° virtual technology that shows your creations from every angle and lets your jewelry shine as it spirals through the virtual world.We can offer simple camera turns (10-15 seconds; any resolution: 1920 × 1080 or 1920x1920 px) or more complex movements (10-15 seconds; any resolution: 1920 × 1080 or 1920x1920 px) depending on your budget and restrictions. time. Our prices for animations on a plain background are reasonable. More complex backgrounds will cost more


How it works

You send a 3D image (CAD) file of your creation, and with our advanced lighting effects and high-resolution images, your precious goods and models will become tangible products in the virtual world!

We will require you to provide a summary of the brief, your marketing goals, and any special requirements. We need 3D files in one of the following formats:

  • .obj
  • .stl
  • .fbx or even
  • .3dm (the latter will need to be converted, so rendering will be a little more expensive. We will need to improve the quality of these files to get better renders).

As soon as we receive your briefing, we will fully explain the work process, as each project will have slight variations.

High-level Product 3D Animation 360°
«Startfire take your creations and create 3D visual art using cutting edge technology.


Keep calm - more and more people are not inclined to travel and shop or actually work in areas with a lot of people, our 3D object rendering technology will allow you to communicate the quality and beauty of your product and continue to increase sales even if consumers do not visit your retail stores.


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