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Catalog design is paramount in catalog design. The design of the catalog as a component of the company's image must meet the highest requirements, because the pages of the catalog are about your company, products, services and new products.


The design of the catalog is always made taking into account the corporate identity of the company.This allows not only to enhance the memorability of the company, but also increases the confidence of potential buyers in your products, services and goods.Effective catalog design can increase the efficiency of your sales.Thus, it can be argued that the cost of catalog design is more than compensated for, and ultimately bring tangible profit to your company.

Product catalog - what is it?

The catalog of products, goods and services is a multi-page publication, usually in A4 format (210 x 297 mm), containing a detailed description of various types of goods and services, in most cases filled with illustrative material. The design of the product catalog is developed on the basis of the following materials: articles, texts, descriptions and characteristics of goods and services, graphic elements such as logos, photos, slides, illustrations and drawings.

Product catalog design - where to start?

Before performing the design of the catalog, its structure and content should be carefully thought out, then all texts should be prepared and verified, photographs and illustrations should be carefully selected. It is important to remember that your product catalog, its appearance and design, are intended for the long-term use of your potential customers in the future. A good product catalog design forces your customers to refer to your catalog more often, because a properly executed catalog design helps them quickly find the information they need about products and services. 

Product catalog design - how is it done?

Development of the product catalog design, as well as the design of any publication, is a creative process that requires the designer to have a full range of knowledge about printing processes, as well as the psychology of the end consumer.


The catalog design is developed in stages. Conventionally, these stages are divided into the creation of the cover design and the development of the design of the inner stripes. Catalog cover design is the most important stage in catalog design development. A catalog cover is its face that grabs the attention of your potential customers. An effective catalog cover design encourages shoppers to open the catalog and get the information they need. The design of the internal pages and sections of the catalog is developed in such a way that the user can quickly find the necessary information. This quality, which in a hidden form carries the entire design of the catalog, encourages your potential customers to buy your products and goods.

Product catalog design - in what time frame?

The design of the product catalog is created on the basis of many materials, while the volume of the catalog and its content in different cases are very different. The scope of work essentially depends on the presence or absence of the customer's necessary source texts and illustrations for the design of the catalog, photographs and creative solutions, the presence of a corporate identity and logo, as well as whether the customer has preliminary requirements for the design of the catalog. These components significantly affect the timing of creating a catalog design.

As a result, the design of the catalog is developed within 1 to 3 weeks.

Catalog design - what are the prices?

I offer original and exclusive product catalog designs for customers from various fields and industries.As a result of the development of the catalog design, we set the task of maximum efficiency to promote the products, goods and services of the client.The layout and design of the catalog are calculated individually, due to strong differences in the amount of work, prices can vary significantly.


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