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Book layout is the most important process when creating a book. Often, the process of book layout is much more important than the development of the book design. The layout of the book embodies design and art developments into a real original layout, but when creating a book, the layout of the book can be done without the participation of a designer-developer. The layout of the book, as an important component of the publication's image, must meet the highest requirements.

A high-quality layout of a book can emphasize the value of its content and the uniqueness of the information presented in it. Competent and accurate layout of the book allows you to enhance the effect of the memorability of the material. The layout of the book helps to more fully convey the author's ideas, thoughts and emotions to the readership. Thus, the professional layout of the book takes the most direct part in increasing the popularity of the publication, contributing to the receipt of considerable profits for both the author and the publisher.


What is a book?


A book is a non-periodical publication containing text and graphic information, having a volume of more than 48 pages, printed on paper sheets bound in a single block or notebooks.

Layout of the book is carried out in the presence of the following source materials: copyright texts and articles, descriptions and characteristics, graphic elements such as photos and slides, illustrations and drawings, diagrams and tables.



Book layout - where to start?


The layout of the book always begins with preliminary sketches in electronic form: the format of the publication, the approximate number of pages are determined, the types of fonts for the main text and headings are selected. Before making the layout of the book, its structure and content must be determined, then all the texts must be prepared and verified, illustrations, photographs, and the necessary graphic elements must be carefully selected. It is important to remember that the book, its layout, design and especially the quality of the layout, are intended for long-term use by readers. Good design and neat layout of the book forces many readers to refer to the publication many times, because the excellent design and competent layout of the book make it possible to enjoy both the reading and the reading process.



Book layout - how is it done?


Layout of a book is largely a technical process, but, like design development, layout of a book acts as an element of the creative process. The layout of a book requires a high level of professionalism and literacy from the layout designer, a sense of harmony and style, because the future of the book largely depends on the layout of the book. When typesetting a book, a layout designer needs publishing experience and a full range of knowledge about printing processes.

High-quality layout of a book always requires special precision and accuracy from the layout designer. These qualities in the layout of the book are primarily necessary for the exact observance of the technical parameters of the page templates and spreads of the book, the so-called master pages. Accurate adherence to the parameters of the master pages allows you to give the pages of the book uniformity, to show a high level of work on the layout of the book, to increase its readability and visual perception.

The layout of the book also requires the layout designer to be particularly accurate in color correction of illustrations, which together must be made in a single color gamut, uniform quality and meet the requirements of high-quality offset printing standards. Accurate and competent layout of the book, its internal pages and spreads, is carried out in such a way that the reader can quickly immerse himself in an easy and fascinating reading.

In conclusion, during the layout of the book, the final proofreading of the texts is carried out and each of the pages of the book is checked together with the editor and proofreader in order to eliminate errors and shortcomings. When the layout of the book is completed and its proofreading has been carried out, the files are prepared for offset printing.

The layout of the book, made in our design bureau, includes all the necessary prepress works, so the customer does not have to pay extra for them at the printing house.


Book layout - in what time frame?


The layout of the book is made on the basis of many materials, while the volume of the book and its content in different cases can be very different. The volume of work on the layout of the book significantly depends on the presence or absence of the client's source texts and illustrations, photographs and creative solutions necessary for the layout of the book. These components significantly affect the timing of work on the layout of the book.

Roughly the layout of the book is carried out in terms of 1 to 3 weeks.

I offer a neat and professional layout of the book for authors and customers from various fields, industries and directions. As a result of high-quality layout of the book, we set the task of maximizing the effectiveness of the presentation of information material, aimed at increasing the readership. The design and layout of the book are calculated individually, due to differences in the amount of work, prices can vary significantly.


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