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Layout of the magazine is a process, the importance of which is on the same stage as the development of the design of the magazine. At the same time, the layout of the magazine is the main component when creating both the first issue of the magazine and all its subsequent issues. The layout of the magazine is designed to translate design decisions into a real original layout of the magazine.

The layout of the magazine, as an important component of the image of the publication, must meet the highest requirements, emphasizing the value and uniqueness of its content. The layout of the magazine is always carried out taking into account the main design concept and the main theme of the magazine. This allows you to enhance the memorability of the material.

The layout of the journal
is able to emphasize the importance of individual articles, it sets the focus on the headings as a whole. Competent layout of the magazine increases the popularity of the publication and attracts the reader. An impeccable layout of a magazine in the modern age of tough competition can make a publication an excellent advertising platform that brings a lot of profit to the publisher and advertiser.


What is a magazine?

A magazine is a multi-page periodical published in A4 (210 x 297 mm) and A5 (147 x 210 mm) formats, containing permanent headings and articles on various topics.

The layout of the magazine is carried out on the basis of rich illustrative and textual material. The layout of the magazine requires thematic articles and texts, research and polls, useful information, news feeds, advertising modules, graphic elements such as photos, slides, illustrations and drawings.

Magazine layout - where to start?

Before making the layout of the magazine on the basis of the developed design, the content and structure of the permanent headings of the magazine must be carefully thought out, then all texts and articles must be edited and prepared, photographs and illustrations must be carefully selected. It is important to remember that the design and layout of the magazine should be aimed at providing the reader with all the necessary information in an accessible and easy-to-read form.

The neat layout of a magazine, be it a magazine for men or a "glamorous" magazine for women, corporate or scientific and technical publication, should grab the attention of readers. After all, the professional layout of the magazine helps the publication not only to correctly solve marketing problems, but also to be a bearer of culture, as well as to bring profit from advertising and sales.

Magazine layout - how is it done?

Magazine layout is a technical process, but like design development, magazine layout is an element of the creative process. The layout of the magazine requires a high level of literacy and professionalism from the layout designer, because the future fate of the magazine largely depends on the layout. From the layout designer, as well as from the designer, a full range of knowledge about printing processes, as well as the psychology of the end user, is required.

High-quality layout of a magazine always requires special precision, accuracy, attention to detail and nuance from the layout designer. These qualities in the layout of the magazine are primarily needed for accurate adherence to the design of the developed page templates and magazine spreads, the so-called master pages. Accurate adherence to the design of the master pages allows you to give the magazine headings uniformity, thereby showing a high level of work on the layout of the magazine, increasing its readability and visual convenience. The layout of the magazine also requires the layout designer to be particularly accurate in color correction of photographs, which together must be made in a single quality, a single color gamut, and meet the requirements of high-quality offset printing standards.

The exact and competent layout of the magazine, its internal pages and headings, is carried out in such a way that the user can quickly immerse himself in an easy and fascinating reading. High-quality layout of the magazine, its permanent headings and internal pages is carried out taking into account the structure of the magazine by topics and headings, the style and construction of which are guided by the maximum efficiency of material presentation.

At the end of the work on the layout of the magazine, together with the editor and proofreader, the final proofreading of the texts is carried out and each of the pages of the magazine is checked in order to eliminate errors and shortcomings. When the layout of the magazine is completed and its proofreading has been carried out, the files are prepared for offset printing. The layout of the magazine, made in our design bureau, includes all the necessary prepress works, so the customer does not have to pay extra for them in the printing house.

Layout of the magazine - in what time frame?

The layout of the magazine is based on many materials, while the volume of the magazine and its content may differ in different cases. The scope of work on the layout of the magazine significantly depends on the presence or absence of the customer's necessary source texts and illustrations for layout of the magazine, photographs and creative solutions, the presence of a corporate identity and logo. These components significantly affect the timing of work on the layout of the magazine.

Roughly the layout of the magazine is carried out in a period of 1 to 3 weeks.

I offer a neat and professional layout of a magazine of any subject, for various areas and industries. As a result of the high-quality layout of the magazine, I set the task of maximizing the effectiveness of the presentation of information material, aimed at increasing the readership.

The design and layout of the magazine are calculated individually, due to the strong differences in the amount of work, prices can vary significantly. If you are interested in the price for the design and layout of the magazine, then you should contact me. 


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