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I offer high quality video filming services. If you need video filming to capture a memorable event, then you've come to the right place! Do not skimp on video filming services, because you will watch this video in 5 and 25 years. Do not forget that this is your holiday and it does not happen every day. Don't miss the moment, order a beautiful high-quality video, save the most pleasant moments of your life in proper form. And then you will always be pleased to remember this holiday. Think for yourself, when friends and relatives want to see how it was, what will you show them? This is where your first choice is - quality or cheap home video.

Do not think, I do not impose my services on you. But since you got to this site, then, for the sake of interest, read the basic information.

To begin with, I shoot a DSLR camera and render the video in full HD quality (1920x1080). We offer video filming of all directions: weddings, corporate events, reports. I always approach things with joy and special attitude, especially if it's behind Love Story, SDE or if it's a music video.

If you want high quality, then you definitely need DSLR video. Those. shooting with a professional camera with a mirror shutter. The quality and beauty of the picture here is much higher than that of conventional video cameras. The fact that here is full HD is not even worth talking about. Nowadays, in the world of high technologies, with progress and with large TVs in almost every home, you need at least full HD quality. There are many camcorders that shoot in this format. However, the camera can use expensive artistic lenses that allow you to get a beautiful picture. The camcorders have built-in optics, intended primarily for reportage shooting. Of course, with a video camera, you can also achieve great opportunities and a very beautiful picture, but in order to do this, you need to spend a lot of time on the most complex color correction. Therefore, most videographers either do not do it at all, or they do it in haste. Or they do it with high quality, but then they may have less energy left for the main artistic editing. I shoot with Canon 5D Mark II. The output picture is bright and saturated, the colors and shades are pleasing to the eye and the quality itself is at its best. Additional color grading adds even more charm and we have the time and desire to work on the main artistic editing.


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