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The three-dimensional model provides an excellent opportunity to view any object from all sides, as well as to examine it from the inside. If the main attention must be directed precisely to the construction of the object, then the completeness of the picture when using a three-dimensional model is absolute. To demonstrate the object, you just need to use the rotation and movement tools in the 3d MAX program.


A competently constructed 3d model can be adjusted if it becomes necessary to make changes to the structure of the object. The three-dimensional model can be supplemented and filled with new elements. Also, the presence of a 3d model makes it possible to use it an infinite number of times for various purposes, be it further visualization, directly demonstrating the model, animating it, printing, etc.


Depending on the intended purpose of the 3d model, certain technical requirements are imposed on it. In the order form of our studio, for the creation of models, the possible purposes of its use are listed, and you can easily select all the necessary items.


The range of use of three-dimensional models is immense. 3d models are out of competition in those areas where the key to successful product promotion are: visibility, comprehensive demonstration and accurate transfer of the constructive form in volume.




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