Design of polygraphy

Design of polygraphy my priority specialization
I decide to create a design problem printing virtually any level of complexity. Years of work were not in vain - I have done for hundreds of print design projects and created a design studio generalist, specializing in the production of electronic layouts for all types of printing process. In this time I acquired a wealth of experience to create a design printing and preparation of layouts for printing, printing companies, clients from different fields and industries.

Design of polygraphy includes:

  • Creative design printing any printing products
  • Printing the design for the brand, brand elements
  • Development of logos, emblems, trademarks, trade dress
  • Painting and restoration of the logo based on sketches
  • Professional original layout for offset printing
  • Professional selection of color gamut (RGB, CMYK, Pantone, HTML)
  • Create a design for advertisements and press releases
  • Technical and artistic illustration

Design Booklet

Booklet design is an important factor in the successful promotion of products, goods and services. The design of the booklet as a component of the company's image must meet the highest requirements, because the design of the booklet in miniature gives an idea of your company, your new products, products or services.


Design Magazine

The design of the magazine is fundamental in the creation of not only a new magazine, but also each of its issues. The design of the magazine, as the main component of the image of the publication, must meet the highest requirements, emphasizing the value and uniqueness of its content.

Design Catalog of products, services

Catalog design is paramount in catalog design. The design of the catalog as a component of the company's image must meet the highest requirements, because the pages of the catalog are about your company, products, services and new products.

Design Flyers

The design of the flyers is developed based on the corporate identity of the company. This allows you to make the right impression on a potential buyer, create a sense of trust, and increase the memorability of the company and brand. The harmonious and colorful design of the flyers helps to increase sales. The low cost of leaflet design is repaid many times over by the profit received from advertising.

Design Brochure

Design Brochure is the defining factor that gives your company a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition. The design of the brochure as a component of the company's image must meet the highest requirements - the brochure is about your company, products, services and production innovations.

Design Blanks

A letterhead is not only a sign of good taste and an element of prestige. The form is part of all business relationships. It is as important as the business card. Forms are usually made in A4 or A5 format. They contain the logo, contact information and financial details. By layout - forms have a vertical or horizontal format.

Design Business Card

Business cards are the most popular and essential attribute of business communication. Business cards can be of economy class, business and exclusive level. In any case, a good business card should be easy to read and correspond to the line of business of the company in terms of its corporate identity.

The term for developing a business card design is from 1-4 working days.

Design Billboards

Bigboards are large billboards that are placed along busy streets and highways. The big plus of the bigboard is that it is equally well visible to both motorists and pedestrians.

Design Diploma

For diplomas, certificates, diplomas, there are certain design features: the presence of a frame, protective mesh, giliosh.

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