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A letterhead is not only a sign of good taste and an element of prestige. The form is part of all business relationships. It is as important as the business card. Forms are usually made in A4 or A5 format. They contain the logo, contact information and financial details. By layout - forms have a vertical or horizontal format.


Official correspondence is carried out on letterhead, orders, orders are issued, accounting and tax reporting are conducted.

A letterhead with a logo and details will add weight to the documents printed on it.High-quality design will set them apart from many other papers. Tastefully selected design paper will emphasize the solidity and reliability of the company better than a thousand words.


Types of forms:

  • Forms of standard contracts
  • Fax forms
  • Business forms
  • Receipts
  • Invoices, invoices
  • Shipping documentation
  • Accounting documentation
  • Consignment notes
  • Waybills
  • Money orders
  • Customs declarations
  • Sales receipts
  • Forms of permissive licenses
  • Inspection certificates, additional agreements and other forms


Typical work on the design of forms:

  • Layout of logo + company details
  • Creating an illustration for a letterhead
  • Creation of ornaments
  • Creation of security elements (guilloches)
  • Selection of branded fonts


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