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Design studio Startfire - has been creating animation 3d animation since 2004. During this time the company has successfully established itself in the market of computer graphics. Professional development of animation - more than just a set of ownership programs; here includes not only the creation of technical 3d and 2d animation , but also the creative side of the process , and, of course , an individual approach to each customer.

The main directions of 3d animation studios are architectural 3d animation, 3d animation characters. 3d architectural animation allows to visualize long before its creation , which helps not only to predict the result, but also timely revise design.

3d character animation is used to create commercials . 3d animation of faces of characters allows us to give roller liveliness and character as close to a real person.

3d animation - this volume picture . Creating 3d animation - it is , in fact, real life simulation in virtual space. Therefore, creating the animation plays an important role in the creation of commercials , presentations and other visual material . 3d animation allows a relatively short time to create a promotional video , while not quite lose the effect of realism and the presence of the viewer at the scene . Professional creation and animation is drawn to bring your three-dimensional image to reality, to convey not only the shadows of the objects , but also the emotions on the faces of 3d characters .

3D Visualization

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A lot of time passes from the moment the idea was created and the drawing was developed. Considering the project, it is difficult to imagine the object in reality. To help the customer understand what he gets at the end of the project, they use 3D visualization.

3D characters

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I make 3d characters for corporate identity, advertising campaigns, banners, animations and other advertising purposes.

3D panorama

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3d panorama is the creation of a presentation in which objects are presented in the form of 3d models.
For example, a presentation of the interior of a house.


3d panorama is a guided presentation that provides a unique opportunity to see and demonstrate the interior or landscape while standing in its center. You can view everything in a convenient rite, zooming in or out of the scene objects. You will see everything inside or outside the room in 360 degrees. No space constraints.

3D clips

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3D videos (3D animation) is a modern direction of animation that allows you to create three-dimensional spatial models (3D models) and scenes with a high degree of photorealism.

3D animation

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3D animation is an opportunity to create your own unique world.
3D animation is a fun creative process, but it is possible with the participation of professionals.

3D Modeling

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The three-dimensional model provides an excellent opportunity to view any object from all sides, as well as to examine it from the inside. If the main attention must be directed precisely to the construction of the object, then the completeness of the picture when using a three-dimensional model is absolute. To demonstrate the object, you just need to use the rotation and movement tools in the 3d MAX program.

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