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Corporate video for your company, production of a corporate video about the company.

5 years ago on the Ukrainian market it was necessary to explain what a corporate film is, why such a film has long been in the cage of most large Western companies doing business in Ukraine, and why any Ukrainian company needs it at all. Today, any large company has a corporate film case, small and medium-sized businesses have also realized the need for this type of promotion, and given the fact that the Youtube service is growing daily with tens of millions of new videos, the need for high-quality, effective films that attract the attention of the target audience as high as ever.

In the modern world, a corporate film is as much an integral part of a business as a website on the Internet. After all, it is only possible to convey the necessary information to the client, to keep his attention and to reveal all the advantages with the help of a film: an interactive picture, a dynamic video sequence, a simultaneous combination of titles, video and sound.

My goal is the production of one-off film products, made exclusively to order. Startfire's corporate films are always unique handmade products made on the verge of business and art.


Why is the production of corporate films necessary?

  • Reflection of the culture and activities of the company;
  • Formation of the spirit of the company;
  • Demonstration of the potential that lies at the heart of your business (for employees and clients);
  • Informing partners about the structure of the company, the work of its divisions and branches;
  • Implementation of marketing tasks, increasing the number of clients and investors;
  • Presentation and demonstration of a new product or service of the company, its new principles;
  • Increasing the popularity of a brand, trade mark.

Production of corporate films.

Technologies are constantly moving forward, offering more and more new ways to solve the problems of promoting the company. Recently, the production of corporate films has become more and more popular, telling about the activities of a particular company and performing many functions - from maintaining the team spirit of colleagues to forming partnerships with clients. Startfire is pleased to offer you its services: creating corporate films about your company. I guarantee you an individual approach and a favorable cost of shooting!



What is corporate video?

A corporate film is a video product dedicated to your company. Depending on the ultimate goal of shooting, it can be intended for employees, colleagues, partners - or for all of them at the same time. A corporate video, as a rule, tells about the working life of your employees, about cultural and sports events, anniversaries and holidays. All this can be intertwined with facts from the history of your company, goals and objectives of your company, business ideas. Depending on the customer's requirements, a corporate film can be colored in a business, fictional or funny style.

Shooting corporate films includes searching and creating video material, communicating with you and your employees. It is possible to conduct interviews or organize staged scenes. You can state the requirements for the film yourself, describe how you would like to see the final product. Based on your wishes and my solid experience in the field of creating corporate videos, I will create the perfect video that will appeal to you, your colleagues and partners!
Shooting corporate films implies an individual approach to each client. I do not make stereotyped videos, boringly and uninterestingly listing facts from the activities of your company - such a film will not be effective, it will not be able to influence the audience as much as possible. Making corporate films in my studio is a creative process, during which a number of tasks are solved. The main one is the compliance of the final product with the client's requirements: a corporate film is, first of all, a marketing ploy, it should not only entertain the audience, but convey information that is beneficial to you. Thus, I manage to harmoniously combine two most important requirements: customer satisfaction and creation of a product that is truly interesting from the creative side. The use of modern shooting equipment and unique shooting and editing technologies will make your corporate video even more unique.


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