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Banner advertising is the placement of banners of various formats on popular advertising sites with high traffic on the Internet.

Banner advertising allows you to quickly start an advertising campaign on the Internet and stop it just as quickly.

Ideal for a quick start of advertising a website on the Internet, in combination with Search engine optimization, until the Search engine promotion is at full capacity. Also great for new brand advertising.

By using banner ads, you can more effectively advertise products or services that easily interest potential consumers when they visually browse the site.

With the help of Banner Advertising, you can easily disseminate information about short-term promotions, special offers and other events limited in time.

Advertising banners are of two types:

  • based on bitmap graphics (GIF, JPEG, ...)
  • built on FLASH (most popular format)

Banner advertising is used to attract visitors to the site, increase sales, for widespread notification of a product, service, promotion, and to create a brand.

Advertising banners can be:

  • informational - provide the user with any information
  • brand, image - to create brand awareness, to form user associations between a product or service and a trademark.


What should be an ad banner

In order to determine what the banner should look like, you need to know the goals and objectives of the advertising campaign:

  • The purpose of the advertising campaign (what needs to be achieved, what to convey to the user)
  • The audience for which it is intended (women, men, metropolitan, regional, etc.)

It depends on what style the banner will be designed in, what decisions will be made when creating it.

The ad banner must be

  • unobtrusive
  • understandable and informative or intriguing
  • memorable
  • interesting and attractive to a potential audience


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