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Shooting is done at camera with a full-frame matrix - Canon 5D Mark II.
Provides a full range of video services, from script writing to post-production.

Creating animation 2D, 3D

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Startfire offers a full cycle of work on the creation of 3d animation, 3d visualization, the production of computer graphics. I make animated products of all difficulty levels and price categories. I create animation videos, 2d and 3d graphics, and make classic animation. Send me the terms of reference for the product you need, after which I will prepare you an estimate and tell you about possible options for the implementation of your ideas.

Product 3D Animation 360°

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3D Animation (360° renders) of goods are increasingly used for advertising purposes in e-commerce. Startfire offers services for product 3D renders of goods and the creation of 3D animation - videos with 360° rotation.

Order 3D subject animation in your products for posting pictures on websites, in online store catalogs, in groups and communities of social networks, in advertising agencies and companies. Product 3D Animation 360° gives an optimal result for a reasonable price. 

Creating a presentation

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Any product, service or company need a presentation. The market abounds with proposals similar goods and services, and each year of competitors is increasing. Consumers are becoming more difficult to understand what items to buy him what the difference between them and which company to entrust your choice. Therefore, it is important to present your product and your company to the consumer.


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Video advertising is the fastest way to achieve your goals

Since the appearance of the first commercials, video advertising has not lost its popularity at all. Of course, the effectiveness of this type of advertising is noticeable only if the shooting of commercials is done by professionals. Videos rarely last more than 15 seconds, so the production of video ads is aimed at creating concise and complete material. It is for this reason that the production of video advertising should be trusted by specialists in their field, who will be able to influence buyers with the help of an effective and at the same time informative visual series. Making an advertising video - the nuances and features of the creative process


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I offer high quality video filming services. If you need video filming to capture a memorable event, then you've come to the right place! Do not skimp on video filming services, because you will watch this video in 5 and 25 years. Do not forget that this is your holiday and it does not happen every day. Don't miss the moment, order a beautiful high-quality video, save the most pleasant moments of your life in proper form. And then you will always be pleased to remember this holiday. Think for yourself, when friends and relatives want to see how it was, what will you show them? This is where your first choice is - quality or cheap home video.

Do not think, I do not impose my services on you. But since you got to this site, then, for the sake of interest, read the basic information.


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Video editing is the process of processing the footage, giving it a certain rhythm, atmosphere, and mood.

Modern editing techniques give me the opportunity to bring our ideas to life, and therefore I do not make each video as a carbon copy, but imbued with the mood of the captured event and process it with individual and unique details. I use modern nonlinear editing software and the latest editing techniques.

Corporate Film

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Corporate video for your company, production of a corporate video about the company.

5 years ago on the Ukrainian market it was necessary to explain what a corporate film is, why such a film has long been in the cage of most large Western companies doing business in Ukraine, and why any Ukrainian company needs it at all. Today, any large company has a corporate film case, small and medium-sized businesses have also realized the need for this type of promotion, and given the fact that the Youtube service is growing daily with tens of millions of new videos, the need for high-quality, effective films that attract the attention of the target audience as high as ever.

Music clip

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Music videos are professionally shot today not only by stars! I know this firsthand. The question "How to shoot a video?" no longer stands in front of me, because I know all the subtleties of this matter. Studio Startfire knows how to shoot a video clip so professionally that it is difficult to distinguish it from Western samples.

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