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For many users, design is the external design of the site. However, in reality, design means much more than just decoration. It is also the usability of the website, the organic combination of its individual elements. Design is the face of the site, the appearance of which gives customers the first impression of the company (firm) itself. Thus. Website design is a great tool for attracting new customers. A professionally executed website design should facilitate a quick search of the necessary information on the site. At the same time, the interface of the website should be understandable for the user and not make you spend a lot of time studying it. At the same time, he must be creative and original. In addition, a high-quality design is a good advertisement for a particular company, which is designed to attract new customers.


A web designer is a specialist who combines the skills of a professional artist and a competent programmer. It is these two components that allow you to create unique sites that surprise with their innovative design ideas.


Web design is not only the creation of certain art forms, but also their competent, professional placement. In some cases, even a creatively executed design, but with an illiterate layout, can look ridiculous and spoil the whole impression of the site.


Many customers say - why use the services of professional web designers, which sometimes cost thousands of dollars. You can negotiate with semi-professionals or amateurs for a much lower price. However, you will not get confidence in the quality of such a design. Only a professional web designer can create a truly organic combination of both design elements and site navigation systems. Therefore, the services of professional designers are quite expensive. Some still believe this position and try to use the services of non-professional designers, which they regret for a long time. Indeed, in this case, the customer receives only a beautiful design of the site and nothing more. No optimization is provided for the further development of the site. That being said, this happens at best. In the majority, however, a site is created that has only a beautiful shell. It is worth noting that remaking such a site can cost you much more than creating a new one.


Some web studios offer their clients several ready-made design options. However, you shouldn't grab such offers. In most cases, this is a gimmick that creates the appearance of a choice. Typically, web studios create one design, which is then slightly modified. Thus, the client is provided with the same design, which is disguised as completely different designs. The cost of such a design in some cases is much less than creating it from scratch. Therefore, many fall for this trick. It's good if such a design is done competently and efficiently. Otherwise, for a small price, you get a design that will not be able to adequately reflect the style of the company (firm), and even more so to attract the attention of new visitors.


I offer an individual design that meets exactly the requirements that can be useful in the future for the promotion and popularization of the site. It is the individual approach that allows the newly created sites to be original and unique. In some cases, the customer does not know exactly what he wants to see in the design of his new site and, as a rule, he turns to the designer to do something to his liking. However, the tastes of the client and the designer can vary considerably. As a result, the web designer will create a site shell that does not match the client's views. Therefore, before ordering a particular design, you must define exactly what you want to see in it. Only then will you be able to get a high-quality design that meets all your requirements. Sometimes, for a quicker decision on the design of a new site, I offer the client several options for existing designs. And based on the design they like, they create something unique and original. This approach allows me to always keep up with the times and create individual website designs.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that website design should be performed only by professionals who have extensive experience in this area.


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