Method of creating animations using a set of computer graphics software

In our computer age, production technologies are constantly improving and changing, especially in the field of multimedia. The technology for creating animation in animation has changed radically over the past decade. New software and hardware tools and technologies for creating animation have become widespread.

Nowadays, digital animation design technologies are rapidly developing. There are more and more new programs with enhanced functionality. In the context of a wide choice of possible software tools, the task of optimizing the process of creating animation takes on considerable weight. For the effective construction of the technological chain for the creation of the final product, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of incompatibility of the selected software.

Thus, the purpose of the work is to select the minimum set of software with which you can quickly and efficiently create animated films (videos). In the studied subject area - multimedia, such a choice is the most urgent problem. Solving the problem of the optimal choice will reduce the time spent on development, and will provide new prospects for the development of the business sphere of multimedia technologies.

Initially, a study was made of various methods for developing animation. In the course of the study, an analysis of the capabilities of software tools was carried out according to two main parameters: the quality of creation and the ease of development of animation.

It turned out that the combination of such software tools as: Adobe Premiere, Flash, Audition (Sound Forge) and 3d Studio MAX (Maya) most fully meets the requirements that were set before the study.

Conclusions: The selected software package fully meets the requirements and ensures high quality of the final product. The result of the research was implemented in practice, in the form of an example of the creation of the cartoon "Planet of Health", which clearly demonstrated the capabilities of the selected programs.


"MediaFest-2009", Moscow, 2009


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