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Graphic Design - Art and design activities to create a harmonious and effective visual communication medium. Graphic design makes innovative contributions to the development of socio-economic and cultural spheres, helping to create a visual landscape of modernity.


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Logotype is a graphical representation of the essence of the company.The word "logotypemeans: a name, symbol or trademark designed for easy recognition. It consists of a symbol, illustration and / or graphic print design. There are many benefits to a professionally designed logo.

Corporate Identity

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The corporate identity is one of the main advertising and marketing tools of any modern company. It allows you to distinguish you and your company from the competition. Being recognizable in the service market is a key factor for a successful business, and for this it is necessary to preserve the individual characteristics inherent only to your company.


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Cover of printed matter - a paper cover of a printed publication (books, brochures, notebooks), usually containing information about the publication (most often the author's name and title), as well as being an element of the external design.

CD, DVD cover is primarily an advertising tool that can turn a completely ordinary CD into something very interesting and attractive. An unusually designed disc will be a wonderful repository for your company's presentation, a business proposal for partners and even photos as a birthday present for a friend.

A good cover is a stylish artistic combination of image and font that matches the genre exactly. The cover is designed for the first contact, it should be interesting, making you want to look behind the cover. After all, there is an expression, the man from the cover, i.e. he's such a trump card that he deserves a cover.


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Poster works well if you are targeting a mass consumer, poster advertising is exceptionally effective in places where your potential customers congregate like no other.

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