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Booklet design is an important factor in the successful promotion of products, goods and services. The design of the booklet as a component of the company's image must meet the highest requirements, because the design of the booklet in miniature gives an idea of your company, your new products, products or services.


The design of the booklet is mainly based on the corporate identity of the company. This not only improves memorability, but also creates more trust in your potential buyers.

The bright, effective design of the booklet helps to increase the sales of the company's goods and services. The relatively low cost of booklet design pays off and ultimately brings you tangible profits.


Advertising brochure - what is it?

Advertising brochure is a publication printed in most cases on one sheet of paper with one or more folds (folds).

Advertising brochure is most often:
- A4 or A3 format with one fold;
- A4 or A3 format with two folds (leaflet);
- multi-page A4 format in the form of a brochure.

The advertising brochure contains a brief description of the main information about products, goods and services, supplemented by illustrative material. The design of the booklet is developed on the basis of the following materials: short texts and characteristics of goods and services, graphic elements such as logos, photos, slides, illustrations and drawings.

Booklet design - where to start?

Before developing the design of the booklet, the types of advertised goods and services must be clearly defined, all texts and characteristics must be carefully prepared and verified, the necessary photographs and illustrations must be selected.

It is important to remember that an advertising brochure, its layout and design, should be extremely short, but at the same time accessible and clearly demonstrate the main advantages of products and services to future customers.

Booklet design - how is it done?

Booklet design development, as well as design of any publication, is a creative process. The designer is required to have experience and knowledge about printing processes, as well as the ability to find the right compositional solution when placing illustrations and text, taking into account the psychology of a potential buyer.

The design of the booklet at the initial stage of development is formed in the form of a sketch, which defines the general concept of design, serves as a kind of plan for placing texts and illustrations. When creating a booklet design, you need to find non-standard and effective solutions. After all, the original design of the booklet attracts new customers, encourages them to study the advertising offer with interest. The result will not keep you waiting long - a correctly executed design of the booklet, evoking only positive emotions, will help the buyer to make the right choice and purchase the company's product or service.

Booklet design - in what time frame?

Booklet design is often created on the basis of prepared materials, the number of which is insignificant. The design of the booklet, which contains 4-6 pages of information, located on one sheet of A4 or A3 format, is carried out within a reasonable time frame, usually from 3 to 7 days.

The design of a brochure in the form of an A4 advertising brochure takes longer to develop, its content is different in different cases. Here, the scope of work depends on the presence or absence of the customer's source texts and illustrations, photographs and design solutions, the presence of a corporate identity and logo, as well as whether the customer has preliminary requirements for the design of a multi-page booklet. As a result, the design of a brochure in the form of an advertising brochure can be developed in a period of 1 to 3 weeks.

I offer original and exclusive brochure designs for clients from various fields and industries. As a result of the development of the design of the booklet, I set the task of maximum efficiency for promoting the products, goods and services of the client. The design of a multi-page booklet is calculated individually, due to strong differences in the amount of work, prices may vary significantly.


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